.”. ." ."’.” ” “"”’,' “.” ” " David Bowie - Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)


Sue (in a Season of Crime) . The greatest hits collection it’s promoting, Nothing Has Changed – something like the 18th best of collection of Bowie’s career – has a rather bullish air to it: in its deluxe edition, presented in reverse chronological order, it takes a CD and a half to reach what most people consider Bowie’s classic period. Sue (in a Season of Crime) is the first thing you hear: seven-and-a-half minutes of occasionally atonal brass, drums cantering at a speed that could make listeners recall his experiments with drum’n’bass on 1997’s Earthling, and agonised vocals. It would be wrong to say that his collaboration with New York’s Maria Schneider Orchestra hasn’t got a tune, but you have to search for it. g wiki

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