.”. ." ."’.” ” “"”’,' “.” ” " Ben Howard - Rivers In Your Mouth


Ben Howard isn't a guy I can ever remember being into, but the disinterested look of his presentation is what initially convinced me to snag the promo when it was offered. But it was this same disinterest that left me sort of uninterested, so when my interest was piqued while I wasn't really interested, I became reinterested and I can admit now that I'm beyond interested. I think I'm a bit obsessed. The entire I Forget Where We Were album has the feel of a project written on an acoustic in a high school bathroom, where the natural reverb of the piss covered tiles bounces back just the perfect amount of lilt, sure, but it makes his voice sound fucking insanely awesome. This dude sounds like he's being courted around the drab English countryside in the popemobile; simultaneously broadcasting his introverted sass and staring off into the cloudy beyond. During certain songs there's almost that borky We Were Promised Jetpacks deliciousness that makes him sound adorable, yet as desperate as a pantsless college student wearing a bucket atop his head as he drunkenly stumbles aimlessly through a rain soaked industrial district after midnight, holding nothing but a raw porkchop and a spool of hot pink tennis racket twine.


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