Rilo Kiley’s last release as a cohesive musical unit. I can’t speak for every fan, but in my own personal trajectory, I’ve gone from a shy college freshman with an undeclared major and too many pairs of ripped Vans sneakers, playing “Silver Lining” on a loop while holed up in the library, to a (mostly) functional adult woman who even gets out on the weekends. When the band announced that they were splitting up in 2011, after 13 years, I was distracted by other things; a burgeoning love for more experimental bands like Dirty Projectors, for one thing, but also a sense that maybe it was just time. Forever isn’t natural, and if the gang wanted to call it quits, that was their prerogative. Hearing RKives, the band’s new release of B-sides and rarities, is making their demise a little harder to stomach. Jenny Lewis’ voice on these tracks is as rich and sweet as ever, tinged with her residual child-actress sadness, and the boys in the background are as energetic and on top of it as they always were.