Miley Cyrus' new single We Can't Stop was originally created with Rihanna in mind. Producer Mike Will Made It has told MTV News that while the track feels like a Miley song now, he had another pop princess in mind when composing the summer anthem. He explained: "It was kind of crazy 'cause ... when I originally worked on We Can't Stop, we had did it for Rihanna. "The idea was more towards Rihanna. And then Rihanna, she heard [her Unapologetic track] Pour It Up, and then she got on Pour It Up right away. And she didn't even hear We Can't Stop. So then we finished up the record." After wrapping up his time with RiRi, Mike began toying with the idea that We Can't Stop might be the perfect way to kick off the next chapter in Cyrus' career. He revealed that after her team heard it, and the former Disney star gave it the thumbs up, she headed into the booth and put her own stamp on the tune, which is partly inspired by a real-life party. Mike recalled: "She liked it, so I thought we were going to knock out one record, and we ended up going in, caught a good vibe, and she's real cool, regular person. MTV "We went in, she nailed the record, and she did it with her swag. So it sounds totally different than from what we originally tried to come up with." Miley herself previously said of We Can't Stop: "Like the song says, we can love who we want. I'm really free about the way I feel and who I am.