You get the feeling that playing to big crowds was at the forefront of his mind when Kane was working on this album. Gleaming fuzz tone guitar rings almost throughout the album coupled with his Bolan-esque sing-it-if-it-rhymes style of song writing. As you’d expect, there’s a high energy 60’s pop/glam theme to the record. That’s the feel of the album you’ll remember when you’ve listened to the whole thing. It’s delivered right from the start in ‘Taking Over’, picked right back up in ‘What Condition Am I In’ and just for good measure, you’re left with it on the last track, a collaboration with Paul Weller called ‘You’re Gonna Get It’. The title track is undoubtedly a highlight. After the first few bass notes you’re expecting him to sing ‘we love to boogie’ and head into a full on T-Rex impression. Thankfully he doesn’t. What it does lead to is a song that he says sums up the record pretty well and I’d agree with him on that. In amongst the attacking, sing-along rock and roll, the album’s punctuated with moments of reflective poise in ‘Out of Control’ and ‘Fire in my Heart’ which wouldn’t have been out of place on his mate Alex Turner’s Submarine album. Ian Broudie is the man to thank for taking this album for sharpening the songs up. His production sounds deliberately clean and modern sounding despite the obvious influences from the past. He’s pulled the different sounds together to make the songs sound controlled when you can imagine them to be messy without his experience.