Many of the tracks are melancholy, if not bluesy. There are diverse instrumentation but thankfully the singer has avoided the temptation to add unnecessarily numerous layers. Stand out track ‘Made of Glass,’ like many songs on the album is beautifully haunting. A simple mid section full of whistling is complimented perfectly by a fragile sounding production. August 2012 is a month KT will want to forget. After her marriage ended and her father passed away, the singer appears to have been inspired to pen some of her most reflective and perhaps depressing tunes to date. “How you kill me, Taking up all of my patience. Leaving my temper a widow, But I don’t feel like grieving,” is one of many lyrics which may (or may not) provide insight into the singer’s feelings during that difficult period. By the time the second half of the album title is introduced, the listener has had to endure 20 minutes of lyrically moving yet musically slow songs. Something a little juicier and upbeat is needed. But ‘Crescent Moon’ sounds remarkably similar to the first half of the record. The piano and strings combination is nice enough but KT’s voice fails to lift the track into anything special.