The American singer is enjoying global success with his hit Blurred Lines at the moment, which is a collaboration with T.I. and Pharrell Williams. Although he is proud of the record, there are some aspects of his life that get him wound up. The star occasionally struggles to keep a lid on things when he gets cross. "My temper - it's pretty bad. I probably shouldn't say that, but let's just say there are a lot of expensive items in my house that have ended up in the trash," he told heat magazine. The star was in the mood to divulge more details about his life. While he admits his mouth sometimes gets him into trouble and he could probably do with keeping more secrets, he was happy to chat about one of his most embarrassing moments. The singer still can't believe he managed to fall off stage in front of a huge UK audience. "Falling off stage in Manchester," he replied, when asked for his most humiliating experience. "I literally walked right off a ten-foot stage and landed on my feet like a cat. My band couldn't see me, so they didn't know where I went. "One second they're looking up and I'm there, and the next second I've just disappeared! I had to climb up a speaker box like Spider-Man, just to get back on the stage