The Wanted has divulged more details concerning the boyband's collaboration with Justin Bieber. Earlier this month, the lads revealed to MTV News UK that they had worked with Bieber - as well as Rita Ora - on their forthcoming LP, with Nathan now explaining how their hook-up with Justin came about. Speaking at a bowling party held to celebrate the release of new single Walks Like Rihanna, Sykes told us: "I don't know what we can and can't say. But I went on Justin's tour bus and I was a bit tired after one of the gigs supporting Justin and [the rest of the band] went off and had a party on the bus with Lindsay Lohan and Ed Sheeran." He went on: "So they went on one bus and I ended up going on Justin's bus and there was a big studio and he was like, 'Listen to this song, what do you think' and he played us this song. "I was really, really impressed and was like, 'Mate, this should be your next single, it's bloody awesome'. Low and behold a few weeks later, he went, 'You know that song you really liked? It's yours, you can have it'." When asked whether Justin himself will feature on the track, Nathan said: "We don't know, we are still talking to him and seeing how he wants to do it.