Jessie J has once again been teasing new songs from her second album on Twitter by posting lyrics to some of the tracks. The 'Who's Laughing Now' star gave fans an insight into four new songs on her social networking account yesterday (4th May) as she prepares to unveil full details of her record this month. "You're feeling nervous having your doubts. Don't be embarrassed if you don't fit in the crowd. Keep standing tall and hold your ground" #album2," she tweeted. Other lyrics included: "I wanna give you all of me. Open up your eyes and love me love me love me" #album2," as well as: "It's not fair. I'm talking to you upstairs. Are you there" #album2." Her final lyrics posted were: "Me me me me me that's all you ever talk about. Me me me me me sick of when you scream and shout" #album2.