Editors and the dark tones this song gives off, this sounds like a pretty good bet for the perspective that the song is being projected from; the inside of a glass jar. Maybe after a few years out of the limelight, they felt separate from the scene? Regardless, it’s an interesting name and really fits with the nature of the song to which it it is well-structured, planned, almost scientific in nature. Taken from ‘The Weight of Your Love’, Editors’ fourth successive top ten album in the UK – this is a real mark of the quality and individualism that they pour into each song. It’s a real breath of fresh air from all the cloyingly optimistic and motivational lyrics that are so prevalent in the charts at the moment. A key feature of this is Tom Smith’s trademark deep and rhythmic voice. It’s very bass-y and matches up perfectly with the steady bass and drum combination, his voice has a slight echo to it in this song, which serves to link in to the synth section towards the end of the song. Like its namesake, for something so artistic, it’s remarkably scientific in its formulation – Its extremely well put together and conveys the sullen-ness well through the songs structure, not just its lyrics.