John Mayer believes his tunes should be more meaningful than just a catchy melody and hopes fans enjoy the narrative. "I'm not worried anymore, period. I'm not worried about pop hits, I'm not worried about sales, relevance," he told TIME.com. "I care about one thing: tell your story. If you're on your sixth record and you're 35, you should be following wherever the road takes you. I want this story to unfold onstage now – records are the fuel for a concert." The singer recently recovered from having two throat surgeries and explained his tunes are not as smooth as they once were. It means he can’t belt out the well-known tracks his fans are expecting in concert and his latest album reflects that.4music "[My voice is] coming back and it will come back all the way to where it was,” he said. “All the early stuff, I can't do that full voice right now. "Born and Raised and Paradise Valley stem from this inability to sing higher." John recently collaborated on a new track titled Who You Love with his girlfriend Katy Perry. The star previously dated Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston and despite his reputation as a ladies’ man, it seems John is keen to settle down with Katy. “John won’t run from Katy again,” a source told Grazia. “He knows his bad-boy reputation and what happened with Russell hurt Katy, and he’ll do whatever it takes to show he’s the one she should marry.”