Iggy Azealea was born in Australia, but moved to America when she was just a teenager in a bid to make it as a rapper. Having enjoyed success with her song Work, Iggy is determined to continue defying expectations. “Expect to get to know a lot more about me. I’m going to surprise a lot of people,” she told the latest edition of Glamour magazine. The bootilicious star is currently gearing up for the release of her album The New Classic and is promoting her latest single Change Your Life. Iggy recently described her new album as “crass, ridiculous and vulnerable". She is also set to hit the road and tour with Beyonce – one of her biggest music idols.4music “I look up to her a lot – who isn’t a Beyoncé fan?” Iggy smiled. She has continually impressed with her distinctive rapping style and smart lyrics and enjoys standing out from the crowd. The star even has celebrity fans including Harry Styles and Rita Ora. “It’s all about the bold print,” she explained. Although Iggy took a risk leaving behind her homeland at a young age, she has no regrets. The sassy star realised she needed to be near her music heroes if she wanted to make it as a rapper. “I moved to America when I was 15 – it’s the birthplace of hip-hop, so it was simple: go to the source,” Iggy added.