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Saviour’ is the aforementioned single which began popping up on the pages of blogs of people with their ears to the ground last year. It’s a delightfully shiny pop-lands-on-the-right-side-of-indie track which isn’t ostentatiously offensive that it ostracizes the musos, and not so experimentally alternative that it won’t be lapped up by your average pop-punter. In short, it’s a damn catchy and credible song which nests itself into your subconscious so that you’ll be humming it for days. Performing it live they have it down. Scott’s vocals flawlessly elevating over James’ sustained guitar and the backing of Tim Reyland’s thumping percussion and Kushal Gupta’s firm bassline. “I think we’ve been improving the track a hell of a lot, it’s sounding really good and it’s sort of fallen into its own,” comments James. “When you get that final mastered version and you put a song out there that’s sort of finalised, you can still grow around it and develop it and try and make it better.

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