John Newman and Disclosure are among the star names set to appear on the soundtrack to the new video game FIFA 14. The latest edition of the sports gaming franchise will feature 37 songs from other stars such as Nine Inch Nails, Chvrches and Empire Of The Sun. Speaking to Billboard, EA Music Group president Steven Schnur said the power of exposure the game can have is exciting for an artist. "How many times a song comes up in a typical game play should be taken into account with how many games sold," he said. "If it's heard twice an hour and somebody plays that game two hundred hours, you can imagine, it's like getting an 'A' rotation on a global radio station." Speaking about selecting the songs which make the final cut, he added: "The one thing that is important to know about the FIFA soundtrack is that it represents not just where music is at, but where music is on a global scale. capital fm