Katie Melua There are some exciting new songs on offer, opening with a Never Felt Less Like Dancing that shows the best of Katie’s soft voice. A natural vibrato sends a shiver running down your spine through a beautifully composed chorus. Clever story-telling lyrics, a typical trait of Katie, are apparent straight away and feed into Sailing Ships From Heaven. Natural acoustic instruments and finger clicking leads Love Is A Silent Thief, feeling very much the rebellious song on the album. A dark horse if you like. With a brass band backing, it stands out on its own as a prominent new sound that is only finished by the fantastic melodies sung by the Georgian-born singer. A more bluesy-rock song takes its place next. Shiver and Shake takes mark from very typical blues roots but makes a surprise in a sudden sound similar to what you’d expect from Lana Del Rey in what becomes a fantastic mood booster. Hearing Katie stretch her voice in such a way adds more appeal to the song and the album.