Madonna's boyfriend Brahim Zaibat has revealed what it's like dating the queen of pop. The French dancer has been dating the international superstar since 2011, and says although he's learnt a lot, being her boyfriend can be a “handicap”. Being in a relationship with someone as high profile as Madonna has occasionally proved a challenge for the 25-year-old. "It would take me days and days to tell you everything [Madonna] has taught me... And it still goes on. Every day I'm learning a little bit more; even when we are apart,” he is quoted as saying to Gala France. “With her, my personality is asserted. Professionally I evolved very quickly, and intellectually, as I'm curious and she is a real repository of knowledge 4Music “Little anecdote: she succeeded in making me watch old French movies that I didn’t even know existed." However, he also added: "Being her boyfriend is a handicap as well as an advantage. It is a huge advantage for all the reasons I just explained to you, but it can be a handicap in my relationships [with others]. Sometimes, it is difficult to know if people want to see me or her..." Brahim’s dancing skills mean he is taking part in Dancing with the Stars France this year. Madonna, 55, has been a constant support for the talented hunk, who also has his own clothing range. The Material Girl has already been spotted in one of his hoodies, a black baggy number featuring an AK47 rifle in white print and the word Defend in capital letters.