Depeche Mode lead singer Dave Gahan groaned Tuesday night as HaYarkon Park was transformed into a bubble insulated from whatever turmoil existed outside of its gates. In fact, the show opened with the image of a purple ball flashing the words "Welcome to My World," the opening track on the album and the first song they played. With threats of war and reports of alleged rocket attacks into Syria, Israelis soothed their torment with the perfect salve -- the founders of electronic doom pop. Known for their angst-ridden anthems about love, lust and loneliness, Depeche kicked off their "Delta Machine" tour in a near two-and-a-half hour show that felt like a giant party. Despite a new album, which true to its title, is blues laced and chock a block with weighty songs about mortality, pain and spirituality, there was nothing black about this celebration.Billboard