The Barbados-born singer travelled around the world to promote her seventh record Unapologetic, jetting to seven different countries for performances. Journalists and fans joined her on the plane, although many complained time with the star was limited. The star shot a tour DVD called 777, with the director Toby L speaking out in her defence. "[She] did the best she could do considering the time span," he told the BBC. "In retrospect no-one really thought about how exhausting it really would be." There were reports of near riots on board the plane, with some journalists furious by how little time they got with Rihanna. There were chants asking her to come to talk to people, with one man even streaking naked through the aisles in an effort to catch her attention. Toby insists anyone wanting to talk to the pop megastar could have done so with a little extra effort. "I think that half the issue was, because everyone was so exhausted, a lot of people just weren't staying up as late as she was and then were not willing to go and try and get the access and get the stories for themselves," he claimed. "Controversially, I think it was a two-way street. I think if people put the time and energy in, there were ways of doing it and you maybe had to think outside the box. "I think if people were creative and put the time in they would get the story they wanted." Toby was only told about shooting the DVD two days before cameras had to start rolling.4Music