first single ‘Supersoaker ’ a ripping and relentless bounder that’s urged on by Caleb Followill’s serrated vocals. Caleb’s whoops and squeals in the first seconds of ‘Rock City’, a frisky paean to the refuge of the Kings’ hometown Nashville, and the excitable scream during the count-in to the storming Stooges-like ‘Don’t Matter’ evokes the fun clearly enjoyed by the band in the album’s creation – perhaps in contrary to the foreboding shadow of pressure that 2008’s ‘Only By The Night’ (Clash review) cast over Sundown There’s less at stake here, and their relief is palpable. Respite echoes throughout: The Cure-like ‘Temple’ and the shimmering ‘Wait For Me’ suggest absolution through hurt. “I take one in the temple / I take one for you,” goes the former, while the latter warns: “Take a shot in the rain One for the pain And listen up.”