the band drifted into an indefinite hiatus by 2009, occupying their time in various other musical projects. A few years down the line and a downplayed reunion later, ‘We Need Medicine’ arrives – the third instalment in the band’s canon which takes their familiar barrel-rolling post-Britpop formula and stirs in flakes of Poguesian jittering with some old-school rock ‘n’ roll guitar patterns to achieve a sound that’s less samey than ‘Costello Music’ but not quite as catchy.whatculture playlist: 1. Halloween Blues 2. This Old Ghost Town 3. She’s Not Gone Yet But She’s Leaving 4. Seven Days Seven Nights 5. Shotgun Shoes 6. Whisky Saga 7. This Is Not the End of the World 8. Jeannie Nitro 9. We Need Medicine 10. Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart 11. Until She Saves My Soul