Ed Sheeran The singer is friends with the country star and they are currently touring the world together on Taylor's Red tour. Ed insists that after getting to know her he has realised tales of her love life are often exaggerated. “The rumour that she dates a lot of people is a misconception, because in the time that I’ve known her, which has been almost two years now, she has dated two people. Fact,” he told America’s OK! magazine. “And in her entire life, I think she’s dated around five or six people.” Ed hates when Taylor is made fun of for being obsessed with men and thinks people should get to know her before judging. He maintains she has only fallen into a trap because she is nice to everyone she meets and keeps friendships with males.4music “I don’t like when people take shots at her because I do know her personally, and I think people get the wrong end of the stick,” he complained. “She’s so successful, and she’s so nice and sweet to everyone that she meets, there is nothing bad to say but she was being pictured with a lot of dudes.” Ed has been linked to Taylor himself and joked about how silly it would be to start a romance with someone he works with. He thinks it would be difficult to travel around with her if they had been seeing each other in a non-platonic way.