Tinie Tempah thinks Miley Cyrus has a plan. The British rapper says he sympathises with the Wrecking Ball singer, and suggests that sometimes you have to go to extremes to get people's attention. Referring to Miley's recent headline grabbing antics, Tinie points out she pushes the boundaries only when she's on TV. 'I don't by any means think she's stupid. She's branding herself as Miley Cyrus, she's picking the right moment to do the right thing. It's not like you ever catch her off camera or hear about her in a private club,' he told British newspaper The Mirror. "That never happens. It's only when she's on TV, at an awards show. She picks the right moment to do things to get people talking. And I'm not saying I condone it or anything like that but when you look at it objectively - she clearly has a plan.' The 25-year-old thinks her plan is working, and all the media attention has boosted record sales for Miley, who recently turned 21. Reflecting on his own career, Tinie reckons he never fell into the trappings of fame because he was old enough to be able to handle the spotlight.