The Struts come from a long line of Stones and Faces influenced bands, who are trying to capture a frisson of the swagger and rebellion that those bands had. Trouble is those bands broke those conventions at the time, a long time ago, and once broken that’s it. The single Could Have Been Me is a clapalong and sinalong tune that the likes of Slade excelled at. Put Your Money On Me follows with its transatlantic good time vibe. Kiss This is a Stones, Aerosmith ultra-glossy checklist of stadium rock clichés. I Just Know has a darker rolling shuffle which is pretty good. The sampler ends with You and I, a pleasant pop rock potboiler that has evidence that they may actually have got beyond their dads or even granddads record collections. There’s nothing here that is actually bad, and it’s performed with some gusto and they are probably good for 30 minutes live. It’s just not that interesting. First Strut Is The Deepest