Red Fang‘s new video ‘Blood Like Cream’ is about zombies, but with a different twist (watch above). The clip stars Fred Armisen from ‘Portlandia’ and formerly of ‘Saturday Night Live.’ He bursts into a bar where Red Fang are sitting there drinking. He tells them about the zombie invasion, but the band doesn’t seem too concerned until Armisen tells them these zombies don’t eat brains, they drink beer! The battle then ensues. “This song is about the stress of balancing a touring lifestyle with having a family back home, but who wants to see a video about that?,” vocalist Aaron Beam tells Rolling Stone. “Boring! Instead, we have a video featuring lots of blood, beer, and exercise – some of us did more running in this video that we’ve done the whole year to date!” Red Fang will perform ‘Blood Like Cream’ on ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ on Jan. 10. It will be their late night TV debut. g