Gallagher has turned down £20 million ($32.5 million) to do a world tour with his former band Oasis. A promoter was ready to back the tour, which would have marked the 20th anniversary of the release of their first album Definitely Maybe with additional word that they had already lines up Paul Weller and the Happy Mondays as special guests. The fact is that Noel is not over the long feud with his brother and bandmate Liam which peaked on August 28, 2009 at the Rock en Seine in Paris when a backstage fight between the two led to Liam breaking Noel's guitar. Shortly after, their manager cancelled their appearance, the rest of their tour and stated the band "does not exist anymore." It's almost as if Noel is doing everything he can to punish Liam, who is going through an expensive divorce. A source told the Daily Mail "There have been several ­intermediaries from their respective camps working very hard indeed to reach some form of agreement but Noel isn't budging and a working ­solution between the brothers simply can't be found."