Pixies posted a similarly titled shortie release, EP-2, for sale on their website this morning. Like its predecessor, the EP is available as either a download or limited-edition 10-inch and it contains four songs: "Blue Eyed Hexe," "Magdalena," "Greens and Blues" and "Snakes." The band, which has undergone further lineup changes following the departure of Kim Deal (not that frontman Black Francis minds), included a video for the track "Blue Eyed Hexe" with the announcement that displays grotesque visuals that could easily have been culled from death-metal cover art or maybe Pixies' inspiration for the song "Debaser", the surrealistic film Un Chien Andalou. rollingstone The group recorded the songs in Wales with producer Gil Norton in October 2012, and it has been performing some of the songs live on their recent tour. And because they were recorded between the departure of Deal and the arrival of recently dismissed bassist Kim Shattuck, the recordings feature the work of bassist Simon "Ding" Archer, who also played on EP-1. Wave of Mutilation - The Best of the Pixies