The singer's friend tried to take a picture as a celebratory cake was delivered to the table but staff put a stop to the snap happy action Most elite members-only clubs have a strict no-photos policy to protect the A-listers who frequent them. And it’s a bit embarrassing when the celebs and their pals start bending the rules. That’s what hap­­pened to popster Ellie Goulding, who was celebrating her 27th birthday at hipster hangout Shoreditch House last week, and was apparently told off when someone at the party started taking photos. The Burn singer arrived at the uber-cool East London venue at around 7pm with six chums for champagne and a slap-up dinner last Monday. Her generous mates had arranged for a gourmet birthday cake, complete with candles, to be delivered to her table after they had dined. Ellie looked touched and it seems someone who didn’t know the rules jumped at what looked like an ideal photo opp. The Mirror