Ke$ha's downward spiral was reportedly caused by her breaking up from her "secret boyfriend". The 26-year-old singer confirmed she has entered a rehab facility for help with an eating disorder last week. It has also been reported she will be treated for her drinking habits during her stay. Although the reasons behind her problems are yet to be confirmed, RadarOnline claim it was her relationship with her ex-boyfriend which was the trigger. She reportedly dated her C'mon music video director Darren Craig before they split last summer. "Ke$ha definitely was having some 'issues' since this past summer after breaking up with her boyfriend, Darren Craig," they revealed. "He's her video director that she was dating on the down-low for over a year. He was married with kids, and a really nice guy, but the last person you would probably see her dating; older divorcee with kids." Ke$ha is alleged to have turned to alcohol to cope with the break-up. "She's in rehab for a dual diagnosis. She definitely has some emotional issues, bad anxiety attacks and mood swings," they added. "Once last year her team had to charter a private jet to get her to show in Syracuse because she had a breakdown and refused to go. Drinking was a way of self-medicating for her." Ke$ha appeared to refer to Craig during an interview with MTV last year. She spoke about how an ex-boyfriend was the inspiration for one of her controversial tracks. "Right now [my new songs are] more dude-oriented, because I recently had this boy just be a total piece of sh*t, douchebag piece of garbage [to me]. He's just a lying sack of sh*t," she complained.