Nightwish’s latest album. Showtime, Storytime was recorded on the 3rd of August 2013 and was live in front of 85,000 fans at Wacken Open Air – the biggest open air metal festival on the planet and was Nightwish’s grand finale after their Imagenaereum World Tour 2013. The biggest change this Nightwish album has to past records is that this is the first with Floor Jansen as the official lead singer. She most definitely has a tough act to follow after Tarja and Anette Olzon, and if this live album is anything to go by, she should do great. Her stage presence and her vocals represent all that is needed from a Nightwish lead singer. She has that rich, gothic sound that fans have come to expect from the band; she keeps the audience buzzing throughout the performance, none more so than during Storytime. She wasn’t the singer during the studio version, but she makes this song her own, with her own unique vocal talents. We should remember that it’s not just the lead singer that makes the band – the guys on the instruments put in a stellar performance, and the occasional vocal input from bassist Marco Hietala in songs I Want My Tears Back really provide that deep contrasting sound to Jansen, and it truly gives the impression that the audience and the band were really enjoying the performance.Imaginaerum