Efterklang will bring a decade of albums and tours to a close with "one final show to celebrate them all." Scheduled for 26th February, the band will host a special concert on the island of Als, Denmark, where the trio grew up. In a statement on their website, the band write that, "it will be the last concert with Efterklang as you and we know it. We are not sure what happens after this concert. It is time to reflect and time to move forward. We want to fundamentally change what it means to be Efterklang and how we operate, create and perform." Featuring highlights from their four critically acclaimed albums, including 4AD releases Piramida and Magic Chairs, the band will be joined on the night by the local symphony Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester and the local girls choir, along with special guests including Thomas Husmer and Rune Mølgaard from the original five-piece line-up of Efterklang. The concert will celebrate ten years of Efterklang records and shows, after releasing their debut Tripper in 2004