The 19-year-old singer was arrested earlier this month for driving under the influence during a drag race in Miami. He appeared in court and was released from jail on a $2,500 bond. He jetted out to Central American country Panama straight after with pals. Those close to him are said to be trying to help their friend back onto the right track. "They plan to force Justin to take a month off work. They think, as soon as they can slow him down and make him relax, they'll be able to get through to him again. They need him to appreciate that he'll end up in serious trouble if he carries on like this," a source told British magazine Closer. "Justin's just having one wild party. He can't stop - there has no let up. He isn't taking his arrest seriously. He thinks it's just a big joke and even told his mom his behaviour wasn't cause for concern and that he was 'just being a teenager'. He's so used to getting his way because his mom has always said 'yes' to him that now he's out of control and lost his grip on reality." In another bid to avoid taking advice, Justin is believed to be ignoring those close to him. The popstar is said have had psychotherapy suggested to him as a way of overcoming his problems and has been urged to go into rehab. "Justin hasn't been listening to anyone recently, and his behaviour has been getting more and more crazy," the source added. "His inner circle are really worried about him - people want him to go to rehab now before he ends up in jail or worse."