Within Temptation‘s ‘Hydra’ album. In most cases, the vocals blend perfectly with Sharon den Adel’s powerful pipes to provide some interesting tracks that flow well within the context of the disc. Fans who follow the group closely have likely already heard the singles ‘Paradise (What About Us?’) featuring Tarja Turunen and ‘Dangerous’ with special guest Howard Jones (formerly of Killswitch Engage), but there’s much more to this album. ‘Let Us Burn’ is a kick-you-in-the-pants opener that will have you pumping your fists triumphantly, and it’s set in motion by den Adel’s powerful vocals and a wicked guitar solo late in the cut. It’s the perfect lead-in to ‘Dangerous,’ a powerful and rapid-moving track about taking sacrifices. ‘And We Run,’ while a solid song that would stand out more on an average album, takes a bit of a back seat here, with the guest rapping from Xzibit being the thing that sets the song apart.