Temples have been dropping songs since 2012 like the trippy “Shelter Song” which sounded like Django Django transported to the late 1960s. The follow up single in 2013, “Colours to Life” was even better; a lush and vivid track based around mesmerizing guitar work and a sweeping chorus. Things looked promising for their debut Sun Structures. Sadly both “Shelter Song” and “Colours to Life” outline that Temples have a very small comfort zone to work in. Throughout Sun Structures Temples obsess over emulating their idols and many songs go by without a hint of originality. There have been many bands before them that have crafted albums while spinning psychedelic pop records in the background, but each one added a unique twist on Sgt. Pepper fantasies. Of Montreal‘s Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? was tweaked out insanity based around Kevin Barn’s strange visions, Animal Collective mashed their own ideas of warped pop and electronic on Strawberry Jam, and of course the Flaming Lips’ sound was dominated by Wayne Coyne’s strange positivity. Temples, meanwhile, reflect the recent Red Hot Chili Pepper’s spoof “Abracadabralifornia”, an exact replica of the sound they adore, unfortunately without any signs of self-realization.