Ke$ha has revealed she thought about suicide after pictures of her apparently performing a sex act on an ex-boyfriend leaked online in 2010. During an interview with Rolling Stone, the My Crazy Beautiful Life star spoke openly about the scandal - admitting she's still not convinced it was definitely her in the saucy snaps saying she's "not a stripper." The Die Young singer recalled to the publication: "I'd never even thought of suicide before that. Would I ever resort to that? No, but I went three days without sleeping.MTV "I was hallucinating from lack of sleep, so my doctor put me on anti-anxiety medicine. It's still a daily struggle. She continued: "I call my manager every morning and say, 'Is there anything negative about me in the news today?' "I don't even know if that's me in the photo. I don't remember that situation... Not with blue eye shadow on! C'mon, I'm not a stripper!"