Architects, a band that has been prominent in the metalcore genre since their formation in 2004. It's been a prolific career for the band, and one that has made them mainstays of a genre. The metalcore genre, incidentally, is one that has stagnated over the last few years with acts sticking to a trademark sound without really taking any risks. In 2014, things have begun to change. In January Of Mice and Men released Restoring Force, an album of monumental power and might that grabbed the genre but the scruff of the neck and forced people to pay attention. Last month Issues released their debut album crammed with infectious melodies and far-reaching influences that once again made people stand up and take notice. This month it's the turn of Architects, a band that has a tumultuous time of it in recent years. Recent offerings have received significant critical acclaim but been panned by the band's fan base. The band's previous record saw them change up their lyrical style to tackle the vast world of politics and then just last year the band parted ways with their record label. Lost Forever // Lost Together was recorded throughout 2013 in between and during tours. It was a process that completely exhausted the band, leading to them ending a tour early towards the back end of last year. But the band has been determined to get back to business, and return to their heavier routes and that's the first thing you notice about the new album. Fewer and further between are the melodic moments prominent on The Here and Now, a record that the band has described as “a car crash.” There's a much more organic feel about this record, with the band baring in mind live settings whilst in recording session. Opener “Gravedigger” is certainly an eye-opener, as singer Sam Carter ensures you're paying attention from the get-go. It's heavy, it's in your face and it's unrelenting. In short, it's everything fans will want from a new Architects record.