The Pretty Reckless" to your list. Whilst it’s not quite to everyone’s taste, Going To Hell, the second studio offering from the band headed up by the aforementioned Momsen is actually pretty good. Admittedly, there are a few hurdles that you might find yourself having to forgive – we’ll get them over with first. Opener "Follow Me Down" begins with something that sounds surreptitiously like simulated sex. Okay, we’ll level with you. There’s nothing surreptitious this – it just blatantly is. We shouldn’t be surprised, and it’s not that we’re offended, either. If the intention is to shock (which, let’s face it, with a band like this – it very much is), then they’re going about it the right way. But throw sacrilegious lyrics into the mix throughout, and it seems awkwardly like a desperate attempt to win over new fans with outlandish displays of so-called rebellion. The problem with this is that despite the media’s obsession with the younger generation enjoying such quirky displays (see the UK version of Skins for all you’ll ever need to reference on that issue), in all honesty, it can get a little tired. In spite of these potential shortcomings, this 12-track record holds some powerful moments which add to their trademark grunge sound. There’s something intoxicating about the fast paced riffs laced with Momsen’s own seductive brand of sleaze. Title track Going To Hell deserves a particular mention, simply for its ability to embody the themes of the album as a whole.