The new band - made up of Tom Rowlett, Chris Heggie, Ben Debo and Vincent Dignan - have been given a few tips from the former Oasis frontman as they prepare to release their debut album 'Shimmer Gold' on Monday (17.03.14). Frontman Tom told BANG Showbiz: "I went to watch Beady Eye play in King's Cross and then got invited back to a hotel across the road. I was sitting at this table with Liam and other cool people, drinking beers, I thought, 'This is life, I could do this all the time'. "He was giving us advice saying, 'Don't f***ing listen to anyone else, just do what you wanna do'. How you thought he would be ... he was." Tom, who formed Dexters two years ago, was a big fan of Oasis growing up and was inspired by their music. He's now written the tracks for his band's debut album and is looking forward to their tour in coming months. Tom continued: "It's our first album and they say you have your whole life to write it but I doubt there's one song on the album that we were playing in our first year, most of them were written over the past couple of months. "[The album is] a retrospective of sh*t I've done and things I want to do and I'm really looking forward to the tour, this is going to be a step up, we're doing loads of festivals over the summer and then hitting Germany."