Eagulls have a sound all of their own. From the twin guitar salvos of Mark Goldsworthy and Liam Matthews through to Tom Kelly and Henry Ruddell's flawless rhythm section crowned by Mitchell's voice of reason, they're an unshakable and on this, their long-awaited first LP, an unstoppable force. Throughout its ten pieces, Eagulls delivers in every conceivable way. Opening proceedings with that single ('Nerve Endings'), the standard is set from the album's opening bars. 'Hollow Visions' and 'Yellow Eyes' follow suit in rip-roaring fashion, the former's scattergun assault clearing the way for the latter's cautionary build up that evolves into a widescreen cavalcade of effects laden guitars not that dissimilar to the one punctuating The Horrors' last two records. "I can't see it, can't feel it, can't her it..." cries Mitchell in life dependant fashion. Which sums up Eagulls to a large degree in that everything they do and say is believable. Which in turn gives us, the listeners, something worth believing in