Howler, it was a rainy, cold night in Bournemouth back in 2012– and they assured me that their sophomore album would be with us before 2013 was out… and that they were going to try and channel a bit more sadness into their songs (or, as they put it, “Glasgow just really knows sadness… Like really well and we want to capture that sadness when we record this time around.”) Now whilst they didn’t provide on a 2013 release date for the album, they seem to have gone away to capture some of the doom and gloom and have channeled it into their forthcoming single– ‘Don’t Wanna‘. The back-and-white video perfectly fits the tone of the track… It’s a kick-back to the analogue days; lo-fi, grungy layered rattles of guitar will sound simply sublime on vinyl. Gatesmiths’ vocals are just as Casablancas smooth and yet youthfully untainted as early Alex Turner as they were on America Give Up– but against the more downtrodden tempo it’s less bratty and more disillusioned. Whilst America Give Up was a summertime album, built on garage