Broods. The song reached the Top 10 in New Zealand. The song, after many reviews in different websites, was dubbed as 'a potential world smash', possibly because producer Joel Little (the man behind Lorde's "Pure Heroine") is also behind this New Zealand-native act too, and most certainly due to the greatness of the ballad, beautifully sung by Broods' female half, Georgia Nott. We all thought Broods' label was giving up on "Bridges" as earlier this month a music video for next single "Never Gonna Change" was released on VEVO. But today with the premiere of the official "Bridges" visual, it seems Broods' label is re-considering things and will keep 'pushing' "Bridges". They need to book TV performance for Broods, though. What are they waiting for? The only understandable excuse for this promo delay would be that Broods are still busy in the studio recording their debut album.