'" Taking Back Sunday - Flicker, Fade (Official Music Video)
“The album does feature a more “mature sound,” a phrase we like to throw around when bands we listened to in grade school are entering their 30s, but it doesn’t sound at all like a band trying to reinvent themselves as “adults” or desperately try and sound like a record released 12 years ago (yes, “Tell All Your Friends” was released 12 years ago. Yes, you are old.) Longtime Brand New producer Mike Sapone lends his hand in creating this 11 track, 40 minute LP. After the introduction, the album’s opener is the first single, “Flicker, Fade,” which reminds me a lot of 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Kings and Queens,” a heavy wall of sound behind Lazzara’s voice. This song had me thinking the album would sound a lot along the lines of this, a longer, well polished and produced sound, but that wasn’t quite the case. “Stood a Chance,” the album’s third track, is a good teaser for the rest of the album. It sounds much more like the Taking Back Sunday you’re probably used to. A more upbeat, fast chorus beating rhythm."