'" Ellie Goulding -Music Video Beating Heart

Divergent and Ellie has released the official, and very mysterious, video. Starting off by drinking a liquid like the characters in the film, she is sent into some kind of experiment, where she's all alone with a man. Of course. The 27-year-old wanders slowly through the woods in a tight black outfit and plunging top, showing off a tattoo across her shoulder and back. (This is most probably just for the video, not an actual addition to Miss Goulding's body now). Looking thinner than we have seen her in a long time, Ellie lifts her arms above her head and flaunts her cleavage as she blasts out the song. The video keeps flicking to clips from the film Divergent - which it will feature in - showing the two main characters Shailene Woodley and Theo James's growing romance. Mirror