'" Ghost Beach - Been There Before

Ghost Beach is making eclectic electro-pop, full of soaring synths, aching-falsetto vocals, and all sorts of pretty, unabashedly emo textures. One of their professed influences is the Police, and Blonde definitely sports an ‘80s vibe with Ocean’s brash, anthemic vocals, sometimes structured for maximum pop addictiveness, other times a continuous flow that’s so breathless it achieves a sort of glam rock theatricality while still keeping a fully modern lyricism. But Ghost Beach’s sound is so slippery and spastic in its mid-album transformations that, despite their sprawling constellation of influences, it’s best to approach them on their own merits. This is one of those albums that you don’t just listen to half of the songs and “get”. It’s triumphantly amorphous, and draws on such a wild, swirling cauldron of inspiration that it sounds like three different records spliced together.