‘Restoring Force’ album, it appears as though the sky’s the limit. Since the group’s last album, the band has added bassist Aaron Pauley of Jamie’s Elsewhere and his clean vocals have added the perfect compliment to frontman Austin Carlile. The group also took the next step in terms of production, deciding to switch things up after two records with Joey Sturgis. Acclaimed rock producer David Bendeth challenged the band to re-evaluate their writing process and it shows. Drummer Tino Arteaga recently stated, “He really challenged us to try and step out of our comfort zone and try to write songs that we felt like gave us a different outlook on how to write songs and how to formulate and put things together.” The album kicks off with a brutal assault on ‘Public Service Announcement,’ with Arteaga’s drums really sending the song off to the races. ‘Feels Like Forever’ is one of the album’s standout tracks, showing off a more rock side to the band, with an infectious guitar groove opening the song and heavy bass giving the track an ebb and flow sway. Meanwhile, the tracks ‘Another You’ and the contemplative album closer ‘Space Enough to Grow’ also show a more melodic side to the band.