They just about pulled it off back in 2011 with singles such as Pumped Up Kicks, and their new album, Supermodel, sees them attempt to fuse the two using Nile Rodgersesque guitar licks, plus nods to Afrobeat and psych, in an unwieldy piece of soldering. At times, they pull it off, producing a kind of MGMT-lite brand of loosely psychedelic dance-pop – with titles such as Pseudologia Fantastica – drenched in dreamy falsetto. The best moment on the record is Best Friend, which takes their trippy approach and combines it with horns, celestial backing vocals and disco production to create a bona fide summer belter. Unfortunately their fusion doesn't always stick – as on sleep inducers such as Nevermind and The Truth – and they end up sounding like Eagle Eye Cherry running through demos from his rejected mid-90s trip-hop project.