Foxes’ vocals thanks to the massive airplay success of Zedd’s “Clarity,” we still feel like there’s a ton we’ve yet to learn about the 24-year-old Brit. Helping peel back another layer today is her new video for “Holding Onto Heaven,” which sees the “Youth” singer channeling her inner introvert and extrovert in two different versions of the same retro-tinged dance. Foxes also looks all quirky-gorgeous from start to finish, but, um, it’s not like that’s new information or anything. Full disclosure: We still haven’t decided whether we’re looking at alternate realities of the same scenario (that is, one where Foxes is all DGAF and dances with whoever and another where she’s in the corner, watching you kiss her, oh-oh-oh), or if it’s all one scene that’s been chopped up and re-cut out of order