Bear Hands' Peacekeeper as 'White Heat meets Jodorowsky. Alphaville meets Keystone Cops'. And Promo could hardly better that. The video follows two detectives as they romp and blunder through a stylised sci-fi noir cityscape populated by machine-gun toting half-naked molls, on the hunt for Dylan and the rest of the band. Cinematographer/director Andrei has known Ted Feldman of Bear Hands since college days, and has directed videos for them before - most notably on Crime Pays in 2010. Ted brought him the Peacekeeper video a week before the band was leaving on tour for three months. Andrei then brought in Sam - with whom he's co-directed on four previous videos, most recently for Le1f’s Boom. The result is, the say, their most fully-realised collaboration yet - and a very fun ride.