Australia presenter Erin McNaught have tied the knot in a ceremony in Australia - with friends congratulating the couple on Twitter. Yesterday, the Kickstarts hitmaker (real name Elliot Gleave) posted: "Thanks for all your lovely wedding wishes guys. The big day is tomorrow. By 3pm Aussie time @Erin_McNaught will be Mrs Gleave. (sic)" One follower joked about former Neighbours actress McNaught coming down the aisle to one of her fiancé's songs and Example rapping his vows, to which the Say Nothing singer replied: "Hopefully not...." On Saturday morning local time, Example posted: "It's 7.30am. Just going for a little 6 mile jog. Ceremony starts in 6 hours. Not sure if this is normal protocol for your wedding day... ?" While the rapper and his new wife have not posted any message since the ceremony, Calvin Harris retweeted a message from producer Skream, saying: "Huge congratulations to @example + @Erin_McNaught !!! Massive Love to you both, hope you're having an amazing day!" Earlier this week, the rapper revealed to Capital FM that he planned to deliver a poem for his wedding speech. He said: "I had one that was 17 minutes long, the whole speech, and I've whittled it down to about ten because I've been asking all mates who've got married, how long should it be? "I don't want to ramble on for ages like I do with my radio interviews sometimes, so hopefully it all goes fine," he joked. "I mean it's all about the best man's speech anyway." The couple announced their engagement at the end of last year, telling The Sun that they were planning to invite only close friends and family – but would have a party in the UK later. Example said: "It's going to be a small affair over there [in Australia]. We'll have 50 people or so. My band will be there, but other than that it's mainly family. "We'll have a massive smash-up when we are back next summer for our UK mates. I don't think I'll even wear a tie at the bash in Oz. It's going to be really relaxed. Nothing fancy."..MTV