Kodaline's All I Want on YouTube – almost a quarter of a million people have. Not exactly Psy/Gangnam Style statistics, but still, pretty impressive for a debut single. It's the lead track from the Dublin quartet's EP and the video is a real tear-jerker, a beauty-and-the-beast melodrama with a happy ending (don't be rude), set in an office much like the one in The Office, with the lead character, the facially challenged one, looking roughly like Martin Freeman might do halfway through being made to resemble a werewolf as he moons over the hottie two desks down. Kodaline's other tracks haven't fared quite as well but the band – four schoolfriends in their early 20s from an estate near Dublin airport – are being highly touted by the usual Zanes and Huws for their admittedly very Zane- and Huw-friendly indie anthemia. It's halfway between Oasis's brand of high/fly/sky banal uplift and Coldplay's soaring tedium. The four tracks on their EP were recorded with Steve Harris, producer of the Dave Matthews Band and mixer of U2, and you can tell – it's no-nonsense indie with epic ambitions, and Kodaline appear to believe the Joshua Tree and Parachutes are the last word in searing emotionalism. "Music should have a purpose, you know," they say. "Our purpose is honesty. g