"Midnight Memories (Deluxe) " doesn't sound like much of a departure from its predecessors, but a closer look reveals hints as to what lies ahead. Guitars feature more prominently in the new songs, whether they're loud and electric ("Little Black Dress"), soft and acoustic ("Story of My Life"), or of the fast-strumming, Mumford & Sons variety ("Happily"). One Direction proves once again that there is more Jonas Brothers than *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys in their boy band DNA, and given their increased role in the writing process (the band contributed lyrics to 12 of the 14 songs), perhaps the rock band vibe will be an even greater theme as the band grows up. Lyrically, the boys remain in the PG-rated themes of young love, heartbreak, and staying out late, so parents (and the music industry) can rest assured they're still tween-friendly.